Leicy has been a human being since her birth in Santiago de Chile in 1984. Since then she has fulfilled a variety of roles: from child, mother, friend, wife, student and professional.
During this time also, she graduated as an actress from the Universidad de Chile and as a theatre pedagogue from the Universität der Künste, Berlin.
We know her life began in Latin America (Chile and Bolivia) where she began her theatre studies but it then took her on a journey to India, where she deepened her dance and yoga education, and now finally she has settled in Germany (Berlin), where she currently develops and leads diverse projects both on and off stage.

If your interested is peaked you can download her cv in your preferred language, as these biographies can go on and on, and we do not want to bore you!

However, most importantly, we do want to leave you with this; Leicy has dedicated her career to understanding and developing the physical and mental presence of a performer. Through her creative pedagogy she attempts to delve into everyone's potential in order to tap their unknown limits, exploring places of risk and truth. This is primarily done by presenting "the stage" as a space of loving encounters in which anything can happen, even the creation of an entirely new world!

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