Wir: Geschwister

Theater Junge Generation

What are siblings to us? Is it important whether they are really related to us? Are they the little pests that we constantly have to watch out for and who later enjoy the freedoms that we have long fought for ourselves as a matter of course? Or are they role models who deal with super exciting topics and always listen to the coolest music? Are they a void in our family or are they people we don't want to talk about right now? Or are they the self-proclaimed siblings, people not related by blood, who tick just like us? No matter where or with whom we grew up - siblings play a central and diverse role in our lives. Whether in our own family, among friends or acquaintances, or as fictional or historical role models from the media, art and literature.


Director: Leicy Valenzuela
Design: Ulrike Kunze
Video: Marco Prill
Dramaturgy: Andra Born
Diversity management: Maher Farkouh
Theater educator: Anna Lubenska
Assistent: Rouni Mustafa Gharibo
Performers der Theaterakademie
Ensemble WIR
Juno Mi Baum, Jula Gleichmann, Xenia Grünzig, Stella Kunz, Magdalena Liebau, Felizitas Lohner, Abdullah Shamout, Janne Simond, Gwendolin Steinborn, Susanne Trobisch
Henry Boden, Emily Eichmann, Maria A. Rosado G., Hannah Gawron, Caroline Georgi, Therese Göhler, Lily May, Sterjo Millo, Magdalena Oehl, Victoria Schumacher


April 27-28, 2023



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