Walking in the traces of the future

Raue Strömung

The performance reflects the uncertainty of not belonging to a particular place and attempts to incorporate this uncertainty into its witnesses. How and why are we still here? Wandering in circles (an ancient ritual), Pink Valley tries to inhabit the present, the space between question and answer, between dilemma and hope.


By Pink Valley
Valeria Germain
Leicy Valenzuela

Costume Design: Natalia Urnia and Pink Valley
Choreograph: Sebastián Collado
Photo: Jacinta Besa
Graphic: Rafael von Versen
Video: Pink Valley y Miguel Rozas
Duration: 20 min.


Galerie Eigenheim Berlin
From June 15th – 29th, 2017



This work is inspired and reveals a series of drawings and writings, about a near future (4 years), made by spectators of our performance D-Projekt, in the year 2013. Accentuating the idea that no question has a conclusive answer in time and that we live in a continuous present full of memories and dreams.

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