The light does not stop falling on us from the sky

Nazca is a performing arts project that links astronomical sciences and pre-Hispanic Andean cultures.
The main characters are; Maria Reiche, a German mathematician and physicist (1903-1998) who worked for more than 50 years on the fragmentation and study of the Nazca lines (giant geoglyphs in the desert of Peru), and the ALMA radio telescope, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, currently the largest astronomical project in the world in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

The starting point of the project is a biographical event: in 2016, the director was confronted with the death of her mother, coinciding with the birth of her second child. Based on this experience, she decided to create a project to raise awareness that the birth, life and death of a star is the cycle that gave birth to everything that forms and surrounds us.


Staging: Paula Aros Gho
Performer: Leicy Valenzuela, Valentina Parada, Nicolás Lange, Tomás Espinoza
Text: Nicolás Lange
Stage Design: Gabriela Torrejón
Music: Rodrigo Aros Gho
Sound design: Daniel Marabolí
Production: Sergio Gilabert

NAZCA is funded by the Ministry of the Arts, the Goethe-Institut and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In November 2021, the project had its first artistic residency at the Watermill Center of Robert Wilson, a renowned arts center in New York.


January. 18,- 23. 2022
Instituto Nacional, Santiago-Chile
Festival Paisaje Público


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