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MULTITOPIA - Artistic Experiments for a new Co-existence of Species

How does a cat experience our city? Or a fox? Or a linden tree? Let's try to take their perspective - let's see like them, feel like them!
Here you can reevaluate things from scratch! What is really important? How will it feel when all animals are free? Where will they be and what kind of relationship can I have with them? How does the city smell and sound then? The country? And who rules?

Let's replace the UN with an assembly that really stands up for the rights of all. Search and find with us: Togetherness!

On July 1st, 10 artists came together for the first time, who were selected for the laboratory of takADEMIE # 1 TOGETHERNESS. Their task was nothing less than to examine the human perspective towards other species and to find future visions for more justice. At the end of the second work phase in September, the laboratory doors will open and their ideas will unfold with and for the visitors.


By and with: Tanja Böhme, Silvia Berchtold,
Bidisha Das, Anton August Dudda, Guilherme Morais,
Hanna Noh, Benjamin Petersen, Fetewei Tarekegn,
Leicy Valenzuela, Carla Wierer, Stefanie Aehnelt,
Philipp von Gall

Labor-Leitung: Stefanie Aehnelt
Labor-Assistenz: Judith König
Labor-Ausstattung: Svenja Kuhr
Produktionsleitung: Natascha Tertre
Produktionsassistenz: Alexandra Voaides
Videodokumentation: David Trujillo Álvarez
Technische Leitung: Henning Streck
Lichttechnik: Antje Kuhfeld
Tontechnik: Wolfgang Mirche

Die takADEMIE #1 TOGETHERNESS wurde gefördert vom Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien


September. 18,- 19. 2021
Tak Theater


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