Micel Artist Lab

Latin American performing artists in Germany

MicelArtistLab is a network for knowledge exchange among Latin American artists in Germany, focusing on challenges, visibility, and their contributions to the German cultural scene. How can LatinX artists in the independent scene in Germany build new audiences?
The laboratory included various forms of exchange, surveys, and reflection. It involved 2 digital meetings, a 5-day laboratory in the “Cordillera space”, an online survey, an intervention at HKW Berlin, a podcast, and a publication documenting the entire process and results. 

MicelArtistLab is a first step in collaboration to collectively grow as performing artists in Germany. The laboratory emphasized the need for unity so that this network (mycelium) can grow and be sustained.


Project Director: Leicy Valenzuela
Team Production: Alex Viteri & María José Jaña
Team Content: Alejandra Atalah & Katha Eitner
Team Documentation and Communication: Inti Gallardo & Pablo Hassmann
Designer: Florencia Risopatrón
Team Podcast: Valeria Germain & Juan Rojas
Text Revision: Nina Behrendt & Monique Machicao y Priemer Ferrufino
Publication Edition: Leicy Valenzuela, Alejandra Atalah, Katha Eitner, Florencia Risopatrón

Participating artists:
Ana Kavalis
Cristina Collao
Gabriel Carneiro
Laura Jiménez
Magda Agudelo
Valeria Oviedo
Víctor Artiga

Guest artists:
Atabey aka Carlos Maria Romero
Laia Ribera
Lorena Valdenegro
Marcela Villanueva
Maque Pereira
Martha Hincapié
Silvia Ospina
Victoria Sepúlveda

Thanks to:
Alberto Atalah (Rockhaus)
Cosmo en español
Philip Scholl

„Die Bundesweiten Artist Labs sind eine Maßnahme des Fonds Darstellende Künste, finanziert aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR.“ 


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