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Zahava Rodrigo

A family history between Sri Lanka, England and Northern Germany is the starting point for investigations into the most unreliable form of documentation – memory. Mixed from impressions such as photos, media, narratives of other people and one’s own imagination, fictive places and events arise, imaginary elements mix with reality.MANGO SHOP is an installation performance that revolves around finding, remembering and constructing places and the accompanying (hi)stories, and invites to linger together in an atmospheric setting.
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By Zahava Rodrigo
With: Leicy Esperanza, Lukas Amaru Runkewitz, Sophie Krauss
Konzept, Künstlerische Leitung, Installation: Zahava Rodrigo
Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Iason Kondylis Roussos (Installation), Minna Wündrich (Performance)
Critical Companion: Melmun Bajarchuu
Outside Eye: Marianne Seidler, Malte Ubenauf
Fotos: Philip Scholl, Karolina Serafin, Zahava Rodrigo


Ballhaus Ost
Premiere June 21, 2019
June 22 + 23, 2019


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