Civilized Countries

Pink Valley

„... What if‘ being civilized‘ doesn‘t mean being highly educated or having good manners?
What if being civilized means recognizing the human in others...“

Civilized Countries is a mixture of theatre, performance and experiment – at the same time it is discourse, ritual and parody. In German, English and Spanish the collective deals with personal stories and moments of social tension and experiments with empathy as a phenomenon that has to be aesthetically activated. It is a reaction to the rightwing populist tendencies in Europe and an attempt to counteract.


By Pink valley
With: Valeria Germain, Leicy Valenzuela, Nina Behrendt, Alexander Maulwurf, Christa Behrendt-Hain, David Pino, Lukas Runkewitz
Sound: Alexander Maulwurf
Kopfhörerverleih: Silent Disco
Musik: M Mayer
Kostüm: Anna Stephens
Licht/ Technik: Hagen Runkewitz
Fotos/Dokumentation/Video: Philip Scholl
Video Dokumentation: Sebastian Höing
Produktionsleitung: Pink Valley, Nicola Theisen


Ding Dong Dom / Holzmarkt Berlin, Performing Arts Festival/Santiago OFF Festival
Premiere: August 12, 2017
Further shows: August 13, 2017 - Ding Dong Dom - Holzmarkt Berlin, June 7 + 8, 2018 - Performing Arts Festival, 17 + 18 + 19, January 2019 Santiago OFF Festival


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