#176 Fascion

14 ways to look at a blackshirt

At the center is a bench press and the question of the de- / politicization of the body and physical sculpture, the meaning of the term movement, the individual and the mass, as well as the group dynamics of coercion and potential. Seven performers embark on a path of ultimate physical exhaustion, while The XX’s “Hot Like Fire” is played live in a loop.



By Costa Compagnie
FASCION (part 2)
Timothy Justin Lalonde (US)
Hauke Heumann (DE)
Leicy Esperanza Valenzuela (CL)
Emilia de Fries (DE)
Deva Knopf (DE)
Simón Lobos Hinojosa (CL)
Felix Meyer-Christian (DE)
Akemi Nagao (JP)
Zahava Rodrigo (DE)
Marcus Thomas (DE)
Roman Tkachenko (RUS)

FASCION (part 1) is a collaboration between
Simón Lobos Hinojosa (CL)
Felix Meyer-Christian (DE)
Franco Moreno (CL) / Ahmad Nasir Formuli (AFG)
Maque Pereyra (BOL) / Julia Turbahn (DE/ISR)
Leicy Valenzuela (CL)
Bernadita Villarroel (CL)

Live-Music: Timothy Lalonde (US)
Video: Erik Kundt (DE)
Photos Poster Campaign: Katya Meyer (CL)
Video-Documentation: Rodrigo Ruiz (CL)
Photos Performance: Stefan Haehnel (DE)


Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
Premiere: June 01, 2017
Further shows: 02– 03 June

Gallery Mario Kreuzberg
Saturday, 18 March 2017
& Saturday, 25 March 2017


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