Pink Valley

How and why did we get here?  What is destiny?

 These existential questions are the beginning of an intense journey through the past and the future. Philosophies, religions, science and the arts have tried to give answers - countless, from deterministic and indeterministic theories to quantum physics... But don‘t worry: we are far from understanding it. In order to apply non-established concepts, we have decided to seek individual answers.


By Pink valley
With: Valeria Germain, Leicy Valenzuela
Video/Dokumentation: Sebastian Höing
Videostimme: Julia Metzger-Traber
Kostüme: Claudio Aguirre
Lichtdesign und Technik: Hagen Runkewitz
Produktionsleitung: Pink Valley
Fotos: Roger Rossell


Premiere OneShot-Residenz, Berlin, Institut für Mikrokosmische Raumforschung (June and October 2013)
Further shows
100° Berlin Festival - Sophiensaele (February 2014)
5° Afro-Brasilianisches Kulturfestival, Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin (November 2014)


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